5 wives married to one man throw a surprise party for their husband for living with them in harmony for 30 years

It was all joy when five co-wives left residents amused after they threw a surprise party to mark thirty years of peaceful existence.

The celebration party which coincided with Hajji Mohammad Ngobi’s 57th birthday was organized at the first wife’s home in Iganga town.

Hajji Mohammad Ngobis is a prominent businessman and Prime Minister of the Nagwere clan.

The five wives, Aisha Namatende, Zulufah Nampina, Sumaya Ngobi, Hajjati Lamulal Ngobi, Aminah Namukose and Sharifah Ngobi have kept a good relationship in an environment where polygamy is not that common.

The five beautiful wives have lived by what their husband told them by ensuring they live in peace as Hajjji too has never discriminated among them.

“I have been able to build a house for each of my wives and they all have a business. Before I add another one, I am always open to the new one to know that she is not alone, but that there other women as well,” Hajji said at the party when he was thanking the five wives.

Sheikk Ngobi presided over the colourful ceremony and edged the women who were in attendance to emulate from the understanding wives.

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