Amnesty International Challenges Death Sentence On Takoradi Girls’ Killers

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Amnesty International, a civil rights movement, has questioned the death sentence on the kidnappers of the Takoradi girls who were killed.

The kidnappers, Samuel Udeotuk and John Orji, were found guilty of conspiracy to murder and murder by a Sekondi high court and subsequently sentenced to death.

However, the spokesperson of Amnesty International in Ghana, Samuel Abotsey, does not understand why Ghana still relies on the death penalty when it has not being in use since 1992.

”In Ghana, the law still permits judges to make that pronouncement and so we cannot force the judges or the country but we believe that the continuous use of the death penalty is not the way to go because evidence has shown that, there could be mistakes evidence gathering, there could be mistakes in investigations, the wrong people could be charged”

He also stated that some people have lost their lives after being sentenced to death, only to be revealed innocent later as fresh evidence pops up. He therefore believes that the culprits should be kept in life sentences.


The kidnappers of the late Takoradi girls have a 30 day space to appeal the sentence before it will be carried out.

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