Archbishop Duncan Williams reportedly reveals the winner of the 2020 general elections

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By Isaac Anthony

Archbishop Duncan Williams has allegedly given his own revelation about the upcoming presidential elections in December. The leader and the founder of the Christian Action Faith Ministries (CAFM) reveals who will win the upcoming 2020 presidential elections as he gave a clear indication that he knows who will win the upcoming presidential elections but he won’t tell Ghanaians and he will only give a hint by making it known that he knows who the next president of Ghana would be and he also said there would be no new president.

Duncan Williams does not fancy political issues that much and he rarely talks about political matters and he is very respected by all. He is well known as a very good and truthful man of God.

The man of God made it known that this year’s election would be totally different as he made it known that the 2020 elections would be a free and fair election with no violence or pandemonium and he also said some notable Government officials are planning to bring up something destructive during the elections but with prayers all those their plans would be in vain and it will not succeed.

His arch-contender, John Mahama, flagbearer of the biggest opposition party NDC will be slugging it out with his former colleague MP for another time again.

Mr Mahama beat the former Attorney General in the 2012 polls. His predecessor, Prof John Mills also defeated Mr Akufo-Addo in 2008.

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