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Exclusive reports from Florida indicate that ex-reality star, Jenelle Evans will be returning to Teen Mom Universe after meeting MTV executives.

This comes as a huge surprise after Jennelle was fired in 2019 following the sack of her husband, David Eason who shot and killed their family dog. Prior to that, David was accused of making homophobic remarks resulting in Child Protective Services taking away Jenelle’s children for about a month.

The report suggests that Jenelle met with lead producer Larry Musnik after attending Brian DeJesus’s party.

Jenelle had previously started a podcast and later joined onlyfans, a surprise turn in her career.

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Photos of Michele William’s baby bump photos have dropped two weeks after announcing her pregnancy.
Michelle Williams who was beaming with smiles showed up at the 75th Cannes Film Festival on Friday 27th May and dazzled on the red carpet with her baby bump.

Michelle Williams with her baby bump at Cannes Film Festival

Her pregnancy appears to be at a late stage and therefore will not be long for her to welcome her new kid.

Congratulations to Michelle.

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Legendary actor, Ray Liotta has died, according to reports in the media.
Information gathered indicates that Liotta died in the Dominican Republic whiles shooting a movie. He was 67.

Ray on set in Thailand in 1995

Ray gained prominence in 1986 in a movie called “Something Wild,” where he played the role as Ray Sinclair which earned him his first Golden Globe nomination. He followed up with movies such as “Field of Dreams, Shades of Blue, The Rat Pack, Cop Land, Hannibal, Identity, Goodfellas.” and a couple of films.

He leaves behind his daughter, Karsen.

According to, Liotta’s upcoming films include the Elizabeth Banks-directed comedy “Cocaine Bear” and an untitled comedy written and directed by Charlie Day. He also stars in the upcoming Apple TV+ series “Black Bird” opposite Taron Egerton, which is due to be released in July,

American actress, singer and businesswoman is already ‘dropping jaws’ after her massive body transformation.

The mother of three(3) posted a photo of herself on her Instagram rocking a beautiful black and white swimsuit from her collections, much to the admiration of many as she looked like a teenager.

She wrote on Instagram “All I need is a jet ski.”
Jessica had revealed previously that she took steps to lose 100 pounds of weight after giving birth to her third child.

See photo below:

An advert by Kim Kardashian eating a plant-based meat alternative has backfired as fans have accused her of not eating the food and even describing it as delicious.

She posted the video on Instagram and wrote “I’m so inspired by @beyondmeat’s mission and excited to share their delicious plant-based products with all of you as their ‘Chief Taste Consultant,”.

Kim seemed to be enjoying the food as she said in the video, “I’ve stepped in to help with my greatest asset…my taste.”

However, fans have spotted that the video was edited as it showed that the camera was cut just when she was about to put the food in her mouth and smartly resumed with Kim chewing the food.

Fans took to the post’s comment section to blow cover of her smart move, here are some of the comments.

Kailyn Lowry was arrested for attacking Chris Lopez in October of 2020.

The event has resurfaced in recent months as a result of a lawsuit brought by Lowry against Briana DeJesus, saying that her co-star defamed her by discussing the arrest on social media.

The judge disagreed, and Lowry’s lawsuit was dismissed.

DeJesus threw an “anti-Kail party” after the judge dismissed the lawsuit  and boasted on social media about her victory, but as Lowry pointed out
Kail said that she was deeply traumatized after being attacked by a violent attacker which she named Chris Lopez, the reason she wanted therapy.  She labeled the attack as domestic violence.

No one would know this if you didn’t share it. I’m so heartbroken for you, I’m really sorry”

“I don’t think it’s something that people openly talk about.”

Chris later joined the show via a video link and debunked the accusations by Lowry as he expressed shock. Even though Chris admitted issuing threats to her, he insisted he never beat her.

Tory Lanez is a Canadian rapper, singer and record producer who has been one of the dominant figures in the Hip-Hop space in Canada. He was born in Montreal in Canada and moved to Toronto before settling in Florida in the USA.
Tory Lanez became popular after releasing ‘Lost Cause’ in 2014, a mixtape that gained much prominence. Tory’s ability to have had the will to rap was when he lived independently at the age of 15 after moving to Florida.

Thereafter, Tory Lanez was signed by ‘Interscope Records’ and ‘Mad Love Records’ and followed up with I Told You in 2016 and Memories Dont Die in 2018.

Tory Lanez has three other siblings.

Real name
Tony Lanez real name is Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson

Date of birth;
Tory Lanez was born on 27 July 1992 in Brampton, Canada.

Lanez’s parents are Sonstar Peterson who was an ordained minister and Luella Peterson. His mother, Luella died from a rare disease when Tory was just 11 years old.

It was rumored in the past that Tory Lanez was dating Megan The Stallion. After an altercation in a car which led to Tory firing a concealed gun at Megan which led to his arrest, the relationship ended. Currently, details of who Tory Lanez is dating is unknown.

Net Worth
Tory is estimated to be US$3.5 million and earns an estimated annual salary of US$300,000

On July 31, 2021, Tory Lanez bought two cars worth US$750,000 on the same day; a 2022 Mercedes Maybach which he purchased for US$300,00 the first in the United States at the time and a US$450,000 Rolls Royce Truck.
He is a lover of cars and drives some of the most luxurious cars you can think of; FROM Rolls Roye, Bentley Benz, etc.

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Oliver Khan – The Ship Dealer is a very popular figure in Ghana especially in Kumasi, Ashanti Region where he is based. The self-acclaimed richest man in the world is noted for his humorous way of speaking by always praising himself to be very rich and affluent.

Oliver Khan is mostly hosted Fridays fortnightly by one of the most respected sports presenters in Kumasi, Bright Kankam Boadu on Pure FM where he talks about his richness, business deals, girlfriends, wives and other interesting things which will crack your ribs. During the show, Oliver Khan’s appearance on Pure Fm is able to rocket lots of listeners for the station, especially on Pure FM’s Facebook live.

Oliver Khan is full of humor and speaks with so much confidence about his wealth whiles looking down on others, especially Bright Kankam Boadu who always plays the victim’s role.

Among the popular claims of Oliver Khan are  the following:

  1. He is the richest person in the whole world.
  2. His mother is Queen Elizabeth of England and calls him “Mommie”
  3. Attended Adum Presby JSS, continued to Prempeh College and attended University at Oxford University in the UK.
  4. He married at the age of 19 years and currently has over 337 wives and over 500 girlfriends; According to him, a man must live promiscuously and enjoy life.
  5. His first wife is called Chin Khan, a Japanese.
  6. His father was a protocol officer at Buckingham Palace in the United Kingdom and that automatically makes him a member of the royal family.
  7. He is a businessman whose main occupation is manufacturing and selling ships; the main reason why he is called The Ship Dealer.
  8. He is friends with Roman Abramovic, Sheik Atani of Qatar, Nasser El Khelafi, President of PSG, Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar, Lewandowski, etc, and vacates with them mostly in Ibiza – Spain.
  9. He moves around the world in his private jets and spends most of his time in a plane and drives the latest luxury cars which include Rolls Royce, Bentley, G Wagon etc.
  10. He is filthy rich to the extent he only saves with World Bank in Switzerland.

If you have been believing that Oliver Khan – The Ship Dealer is the richest man in Ghana, then you are on the same page as I was years ago until I unraveled the truth about him. In fact, I used to believe most of the things he said back in the days and thus believed he is indeed rich as he portrays himself until I began to make some checks about the ‘world’s richest man”.

Oliver Khan is just a comic talkative who talks about his fantasies as if they are real.
Checks about Oliver Khan revealed that he is not rich but just a regular Ghanaian who struggles to pay for bills as any other Ghanaian does.

Oliver Khan is from Bebu in the Ashanti Region and had very little formal education – Check his pronunciations of some English words and you will understand.

Oliver Khan has on several occasions debunked rumors that he is a taxi driver and even disproved pictures taken by people to prove that he is a taxi driver by arguing that the pictures are not him. However, we have uncovered that he is indeed a professional taxi driver at Kumasi – Asafo labor station, forget the ship dealing profession.

Again, Oliver Khan has no private jets, Roll Royces, Bentleys and all the cars he brags about – He probably see pictures of them on the internet and fantasizes about them. He only drives a Kia Picanto which he uses for his Taxi business.

He does not save with the World Bank and is not as filthy rich as he claims – at best, Oliver may be saving with one of the rural banks in Kumasi.

Oliver Khan has never visited the UK, America or any of the first-class the countries he has been talking about. The furthest he has traveled to is probably Accra.

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Nevertheless, you cannot hate the Ship Dealer, full of fun and very lively. He is one of the reasons why I listen to Pure Sports. And his ‘small boy’, Bright Kankam Boadu also deserves an award for continuing to be obedient to his ‘senior man’, Oliver Khan. You will just love them.

Enjoy some of Oliver Khan’s videos to kill your boredom:

Theresa Fidalgo is a popular name in Portugal. It is nothing but a  scary fictional story from a Portuguese movie called A Curva translated as Short Curve but not a ghost as many people have been made to believe.
This means that the footage in the movie is real but the story of the movie is a scripted one.

The film was produced in 2003 and aired first on YouTube. Before its release in 2004, it caused panic and made a lot of people in Portugal live in fear as many believed the whole story was real.
The movie starred Portuguese actress, Sarah Cipriano who played the role of Teresa Fidalgo
The real Teresa Fidalgo was a 25-year-old lady when she died in 1983 in a car accident in Sentra – Portugal.

Teresa Fidalgo
The story states that in 2003, three boys were driving in a very quiet place late in the night and as they were discussing spirits and ghosts, they saw a very beautiful dressed in an all-white gown walking on the side of the road and gave her a lift.
They questioned her what she was doing at the place at that ungodly hour and she explained by pointing to the side of the road and telling them that she had a car accident that led to her death. When the boys turned to look at the girl, her face was immediately soaked with blood and their car crashed.

After the video, people started receiving messages on Whatsapp, emails, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms from someone who described herself Teresa Fidalgo where she requested the recipient of the message to forward the message to 20 people or something bad will happen to the recipient. The message further indicated that she(Teresa Fidalgo) will sleep by the recipient’s side forever and will lead to the death of the recipients’ mother.

Out of fear, lots of recipients forwarded the message as required by the sender.

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Kecalf Cunningham is an American Hip-Hop Christian artiste. Kecalf’s music career was inspired by his mother, Aretha Franklin who was a pianist and a songwriter. Kecalf Cunningham was back in the days referred to as a celebrity kid due to his mother’s fame. Her mother was one of the most greatest and famous singers in the world during her time and was often referred to as “The Queen of Soul”.

Kecalf was initially managed by her mother.
Kecalf has three siblings, Edward Franklin, Teddy Richards and Clarence Franklin.

Date and Place of Birth
Kecalf Cunningham was born on 28th March 1970 in the United States of America. He is the last born of his parents.

Wife and Children
Kecalf is married to Kafi Franklin and blessed with three children. They have been married for a long time. Two of Kecalfs children are also into music; His son, Jordan Franklin is a record producer and Victoria Franklin is a songwriter and songwriter.

Kecalf Cunningham with wife and daughter

Kecalf Cunningham’s musical career was birthed when he accompanied his mother to the Radio City Music Hall Concert in 2008 which made him get the attention of the world. Subsequently, he performed on many stages with his mother before her death in August 2018.
Even though Kecalf is a rapper and Hip Hop artiste, he raps in line with the Bible using stories and even quotations from the Bible with the aim of sharing the gospel and is still very active in music.
Most of his music videos are in black and white and also use old-school beats for his music.
In 2017 he performed with his mother at the inauguration of Aretha Franklin Way, a famous street in his honor.

Net worth
Even though Kecalf Cunningham lives comfortably and even lives in a plush mansion in the USA, there is not much information about his net worth because he has not made it available to the public. However, he is a beneficiary of his mother’s worth which was valued at around USD80 million.

Despite his successful musical career, Kecalf has no award to his name at the moment. He is yet to win one.

Kecalf Cunningham’s arrest and jail sentence
Two months after his mother Aretha Franklin’s death in August 16, 2018, Kecalf was arrested by local police for drunk driving. After pleading guilty, he was sentenced to a 93 days jail term for DUI and was released on 6th
February 2019.

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