Award-winning Sound Engineer Tells Nana Ama Mcbrown To Stop The Repetitive Introduction On ‘United Showbiz’ Show Because It Is Boring

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Popular sound engineer and entertainment pundit, Fred Kyei Mensah aka Uncle Fredyma has stated that actress/TV personality Nana Ama Mcbrown’s introduction on the ‘United Showbiz’ show is mostly too long.

He made this statement on his Facebook with a post that came with the caption: “UNITED SHOWBIZ, THE DOPE AND ADELAIDE THE SEER EDITION.”

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Commenting on the general observations he made about the entertainment show during the February 27 edition, Uncle Fredyma advised Empress Nana Ama Mcbrown to try her post best to be apt with her introduction because normally there is a lot of repetition.

“The hostess, my beautiful Empress Nana Ama Mcbrown Mensah, should watch this. Sometimes her intro is too long and repetitive. She should be snappy,” he wrote.

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Gradually, this entertainment show on Utv on Saturday nights, is taking over viewership,social media commentaries, advertising and controversy in the media space. Thanks to the producers of the program. However, there is more room for improvement in terms of production especially from the hostess, camera angles, lighting,floor management, graphics and sound!

I was lucky to have been part of the third edition show when i appeared on the 14th September, 2019.

Yesterday’s show, was laced with a lot of musical performances by a new discovery in the music world, Adelaide the seer, a blind beautiful damsel, Dope Nation and Efya, the scintillating songstress.

Adelaide’s narration of her ordeal as to how she became blind and her eloquence really touched my heart and broke me down. Sorry for this mishap dear.

I must reiterate here that, yes Adelaide has a very good voice, she needs a serious voice coach and a mentor. She shouldn’t be rushed into fame because of her predicament. We thank Dope Nation for bringing her to the public attention. They can support her by inviting other professionals in the music industry to help groom her. They should take my advice! Her vocal delivery and certain nuances is a bit defective. Here i can recommend the likes of Freeman Daniel Ame, others. Dope Nation should not try to be her voice coach. The results might be some way with no malice intended.

The hostess, my beautiful Empress Nana Ama Mcbrown Mensah, should watch this. Sometimes her intro is too long and repetitive. She should be snappy.

Yesterday initially, Efya pretended as if she didn’t understand the akan language when she was asked a question and started with some LAFA bi, eii boi! It was latter during the conversation that, she opened up and spoke well.

Anytime the band is playing, they are made to wear the same dress. Can’t we have the same dress with different colors? Also they are made to stand for a long time and they keep appearing in the main(long) shots. It’s not the best.

As for Arnold,he has really transformed in his dancing skills since he hugged a transformer near his house. Lol

In summary, United Showbiz has come to stay and it is the most viewed tv program from 9 pm till Fadda Dickson and his crew get tired on Saturday nights. A lot goes into the production. Ink wo mu!

Kudos and more improvement in the creative arts sector.

Utv, it’s all about YOU!

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