Dr. Osei Kwame Despite Net Worth 2022

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By Francis MacCarthy

Today, Ghana has numerous rich men and Dr. Osei Kwame Despite is part of one of the humble and wealthy richest men in the country.

This article here shall brief you more about all you may need to know about Dr. Osei Kwame Despite, Biography, Cars, Houses, Children, Businesses and Net Worth in 2022.

Kwame Osei Despite is one of Ghana’s millionaires making it big in the country. He was born on the 2nd February 1962 in the Wiamoase, a town found in Agona — Ashanti Region of Ghana.

He has been through a lot to be were he is today. He owns the most popular Fm, OKAY FM station, NEAT FM both on Accra and on HELLO FM in Kumasi, as well as PEACE FM, which is the largest and most popular FM station.

Osei-Kwame Despite also owns NEAT FOODS LTD, which processes our local plantain, cocoyam, maize, and palm fruits such as Neat Fufu, which has become a reference to the traditional fufu.

He also owns a manufacturing company called ANTONA FOODS LTD, this company produces the ever-popular THIS WAY chocolate drink and other flavors including the Motherlac cereal for children. Despite is a co-founder of a Salt mining company, U2 Salt, which is located at Winneba.

Despite again co-owns UTV, another great channel that talks about things happening in the country.

Despite Net worth

Dr. Osei Kwame Despite net worth is estimated to be $120 million. Through hard work, he has received a lot of recognition and awards such as In 2013, the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana, under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade & Industry, awarded him the Best Entrepreneur for Multimedia.

Again an Honorary Doctor in Human Resources from Canterbury University, Honorary Ambassador of the Entrepreneurs of Business in West Afrique (ambassador), and Honorary Man of Canterbury University for his insight into the creation of jobs for the unemployed and relentless promotion of Ghanaian culture.

Where Does Dr. Osei Kwame Despite Worship?

Many people have been asking if Dr. Osei Kwame Despite attends Church and what Church at all, does he attend. To mention that to you, Dr. Osei Kwame Despite worships with the Church of Pentecost in Accra New Town and is part of the soccer team.

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