Dr. UN quashes fake KNUST admissions and fake Rural Banks Awards allegations – says all are fabricated stories


Dr. Kwame Owusu Fordjour, widely known as Dr. UN has quashed allegations of obtaining fake admissions for some students of KNUST fraudulently for a fee of GH1,500 in 2004 and also trying to organize an award scheme for some Rural and Community banks which led to his subsequent arrest in 2010.

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According to him, all those allegations are false and should not be taken seriously by the general public UN revealed that he is from a strong religious background and moreover, if he had indeed duped people and was subsequent;y arrested for anything of the sort, the security system in Ghana would have dealt with him strongly because he is not above the law.

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He further revealed that the Ghanaian Times newspaper gave a wrong reportage about his arrest and did not give a true account of the situation.

According to Dr. UN, the parents of his “small boy” who put out the aforementioned bad information about him are begging for forgiveness because he had wanted to sue him.

Watch the video below:




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