Edem nulls his membership from GHAMRO and here is why

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According to Edem, he is no longer a member of GHAMRO until the organization is able to pay what artistes are really due and deserve rather than what the organization deems fit for any artiste.

Edem has further indicated that his decision of not being a member of GHAMRO would be officially communicated in due time just to set the records straight.

For a long period of time, Ghanaians artistes have always been complaining about the low and unfortunate cash they have been receiving as royalties.

In some instances, some artistes who have had their songs enjoying massive airplay all over the country within the year end up getting as low as 100 Ghana cedis.

The step taken by Edem may seem weird but the hope is that other artistes would join him in the fight to get what they are really due.

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