Efia Odo And DKB Fight D!rty On Live Radio Over Who Between Them Is Useless In The Ghanaian Entertainment Industry – Watch Video

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For some time now, Efia Odo and DKB have been fighting a lot on social media just to make themselves feel proud that they matter in the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

The two have decided to up their game as they moved from the social media back and forth to a full-blown fierce banter on live radio.

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During an interview of Abeiku Santana of Okay FM monitored by, the two ‘celebs’ who currently don’t see eye to eye decided to do themselves dirty just to prove the point that they matter in the entertainment industry.

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While the self-acclaimed headmaster of Ghana comedy stressed that Efia Odo is talentless hence she deliberately posts half-naked pictures to stay relevant in the industry and that she is a bad role model because her 18+ photos and actions on social media consequently have a negative impact on the youth, the proud nud!st also replied saying that DKB is not even qualified to comedy as he claims to be doing because he is not even funny.

It is pretty obvious DKB and Efia Odo have serious issues they have to deal with because their fight over who is useless in the entertainment is not really necessary.

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