EXCLUSIVE: Alleged fraudster, Ray Husspuppi released from US prison

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If you ever thought that Ray Hushpuppi known in private life as Ramon Olorunwa Abass will be rotting in jail, you may be deceiving yourself.

Following his arrest in Dubai after allegedly defrauding people millions of dollars, we all thought life was over for Hushpuppi as it appeared clearer thay he wiould face not less than 20 years in jail in US.

The whole issue has now taken a new twist as information available on the U.S Federal Bureau Of Prisons website indicates Hushpuppi has been released.
The information available has it that he was released on 20th July, 2020.

The he U.S Federal Bureau Of Prisons contains a list of all prisoners in the US and thus sounds quite surprising to discover he has been released without been acquited by a court.

Look at a pboto of the search conducted below:

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