Fake Born Again, Yaa Jackson Gets New Tattoo Between Her Small B0.obz And Flaunts It Online – Video

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Ghanaian teen actress Yaa Jackson has yet again proved to the world that she is a real bad girl as she has flaunted a new tattoo she inked as a birthday gift for herself on social media.

As yesterday, October 19 happened to be the teen actress turned musician cum rapper’s twentieth birthday, she was all over social media showing off this tattoo.

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In a video spotted on her IG page, she flaunted the tattoo she has inked between her small oranges. Already, Yaa Jackson has tattoos on her thigh, arm, and upper right chest.

Well, all this is pretty funny because not long ago, she was running from radio station to radio station with claims that she had repented from these ‘sinful’ ways because she had seen the light of her maker.

I guess that was a big lie to get Ghanaians to love the song she was released at the time.

Watch the video below

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