Former SM militant, Natty Lee says Shatta Wale has never written any song for him

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By Isaac Anthony

Natty Lee, a Shatta movement militant and Shatta wale’s look-alike has spoken extensively about his relationship with Shatta Wale and the militants as a group in an interview with Zionfelix.

He claims he knew Shatta when he was called doggy, then Bandana and finally Shatta wale. This clearly indicates how long and how well the two know each other. On the other hand, he has been one of Shatta’s militants for about 4 years. He said that he together with the other militants, sometimes have fights with their boss, because they are as stubborn as he is.

In his view, the assertions Shatta made about the fact that the militants aren’t good artistes is wrong. He gave himself 10+ when he was asked to grade his work so far. He obviously believes himself to be a very good artiste.

According to Natty Lee, all his songs were written by himself, Shatta wale has never written a song for him. All his songs, are written by him and the vocals are also done by him in his mini studio at home, only the mastering of his songs are done in Shatta’s studio.

Natty Lee did not dispute the fact that Shatta Wale usually takes the shine of the militants. When they release songs, they need a lot of promotion for it to sell, unlike Shatta who’s songs sell without promotion. But Shatta instead of promoting their songs is loud everywhere and that curtails the progress of their work. He also asked for the support of the media which he thinks they lack.

Most Ghanaians have said that Natty Lee’s style of performance is an imitation of Shatta’s, but he disputes that fact. He thinks he has his own style, but he probably incorporates a little of Shatta’s because they have been friends from long, and he’s learnt a lot from him. But he still has his own style of performance.

He refused to talk about what really enraged Shatta to the point of dissolving the militant group and calling it quits with them. To him, it’s an issue that concerns only them, and which he was hoping they would resolve because his relationship with Shatta wale is very important to him. For him being a militant isn’t as important to him as his relationship with Shatta. Everything he said, is in God’s hands and is hoping their differences may be put aside, but if not, life still goes on for him, because his success isn’t dependent on anyone, but God.

When the issue of Shatta pimping girls out to him came up, he iterated that, Shatta does not deliberately give them girls to sleep with. But if he or any of the other militants see a girl they like, Shatta steps in and makes the connection smooth.

He gave a freestyle of his new song with Sista Afia,”heartbeat”, which is a nice tune.

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