Ghanaian US Based Lady Who Threw Her Husband Out Of Their House Finally Speaks In Tears And Provides The Real Inside Story (Video)

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About three days ago, a viral video captured a Ghanaian lady based in the United States of America busily packing and throwing the clothes of her husband, who was identified as Nana Bediako on the streets of America.

Per the commentary that accompanied this viral video, the lady was doing this because her husband had failed to pay their rent for two months, as such, she found him unworthy to be under the roof she is paying for.

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Well, after all the backlash she has received from social media users over the video, the lady, who has been identified as Stella Okyere has finally spoken and provided all the true details as to why she did what she did.

In a video has come across on Youtube, Stella was seen crying and stated that she has all the proof to show that her husband is a bad person on the phone she had in her hands while she recorded this video.

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Stella Okyere added that she doesn’t want to reveal her family issues to the general public because the man in question is still married to her and that he is the father of their two children and maintained that she suffering at the hands of her husband.

“I wonder if I should reveal our marital issues to the world but because of the kids I don’t want to harm their security”, the woman said.

Watch the video below for more

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