Host of ‘Duvet’ show on Ghone TV, Ms Nancy and ‘playboy’ Samini in a relationship?


Host of Duvet show on Ghone TV, Ms Nancy has out of the blue described Samini as “too fine” as he posted a picture of the dancehall legend on his Instagram page.

The TV host, according to our search has been a close pal of Samini and they have kept their friendship on the low for some time now.

Ms Nancy, a divorcee and currently single could be itching for an abled gentleman like Samini to be ‘greasing’ her ‘rusty’ waist and perhaps the reason for calling out Samini in that romantic tone.

This is actually the first time the sekz coach has publicly spoken about Samini and we are on a high alert monitoring how Samini will react to Ms Nancy’s post.

Our ears are on the ground and we will surely gossip to you if the two are up to something.

See Ms Nancy’s post below:




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