How to unlock your phone if you ever forget your pattern or password

If you forgot your phone password, pattern or pin, you don’t need to panic, here, I am going to the steps you will follow to unlock, but your device may be restored to factory reset and all your phone data will be lost in the process.

Follow these three steps to unlock your phone:

Step 1
You will need to switch off your phone and then press the volume up button and the power button simultaneously, it will automatically open the Android System Recovery Screen on your device

Step 2:
After following the initial step, the next thing you will do is to select the Wipe data/ Factory reset that will be shown after the you select the Android System Recovery. It will reset the phone and unlock it.

Step 3:

After selecting the Wipe data/Factory reset, then, click on Yes-delete all user date and patiently wait for few minutes.

After completing the process, you can then reboot your phone.

Step 4:

After completing the above mentioned step, your phone will unlock in a very short time

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