“I Never Touched Fraud Money Before” Medikal Says As FBI Arrests Fraudsters

Medical has stated yet again, that he has never touched fraud money in his life before.

Rumors have been rife that the rapper’s source wealth was not from music but rather fraudulent activities. Several rappers who he had beef with also accused him of being a fraudster.

However, the ‘Omo ada’ hitmaker has clarified the rumors. According to Medikal, he has not touched fraud money. The rapper stated that all his wealth was from his music and the big endorsement deals that he gets as well as royalties.

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The rapper also sent a stern warning to all media houses that he would walk out of an interview if he was questioned about fraud again.

Many people are of the view that the rapper is being cautious due to the alleged presence of American FBI agents in the country who are arresting fraudsters.

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