Irresponsible and uncultured Akuapem Poloo celebrates her son’s birthday in a raunchy style


We all know Akuapem Poloo will do anything for fame and get people talking about her on social media but her level of ignorance and non-rational attitude is becoming too much and unacceptable.

Today marks her son’s birthday and as a mother, she did the weirdest thing by going naked in front of her seven-year-old son- Which cultured and responsible Ghanaian does this?

Obviously, it will not be a good feeling for this innocent boy if he grows up to see this picture on the internet.
Akuapem Poloo should realise how precious motherhood and learn the responsibilities attached to it rather than roping his innocent son into her stupidity.

Unfortunately, we cannot show the picture on our website due to google policies due to their policy
on nudity but you can check it out on her social media platforms.




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