Jealous Man Who Demolished Big House He Built For His Woman Finally Speaks (Video)

Recently, it emerged that a jealous sugar daddy employed the services of an excavator to demolish a big house he built for his side chick because she wanted to get out of the relationship.

Well, in a new development, the man who demolished the mansion has revealed that as a couple, he and his woman decided to make an investment towards their future.

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Apparently, his girlfriend had a parcel of land and so he decided to build them a house on it.

The South African man remarked that after completing the project worth 1 million rands, he found out his lady was cheating on him.

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After confronting her about it, the lady reportedly told the guy in his face that she was too good for him, and as such ended the relationship.

Fast forward, he decided to deploy excavators to go and demolish the building he had built for her leaving her with the undeveloped land as many people have seen already.

Watch the video below for all the juicy details

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