KASOA: 14 year old boy pours petrol on 10 year old and sets him ablaze (video)

Fresh information emerging from Kasoa has it that a 14 year old by identified as Hammah has poured petrol on a 10 year old boy and set him ablaze.

According to victim’s mother, she sent her son on an errand but Hammah met him on the way, poured petrol on him and set him ablaze.

The mother insists that his son had not offended Hammah and therefore has no idea why the latter would perpetuate such a crime agains his son

The 10year old has been receiving treatment at a local medical facility whiles the issue has been reported to the Police.

This comes after 10 year old Ishmael was murdered by his teenage peers for ritual purposes over the weekend at Kasoa.

Kasoa is gaining popularity as a major hub for crime and breeding notorious people.

Watch the video below:

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