KNUST SHS students on rampage over the death of their colleague who was neglected by staff over fear of Covid-19

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By Isaac Anthony

KNUST shs students are said to be on rampage, demonstrating against the school authorities for neglecting their colleague in the throes of pain, which has led to his death.The students went irate and broke the windscreen of their headmistress’s saloon car.

The deceased student according to, complained of stomach ache, but the teachers who were afraid of the disease being Covid-19, left the boy to die while being attended by his own colleagues.

It was however discovered that the boy was suffering from stomach ulcer, but not Covid-19.

What was the point of asking these children to go back to school, if the very people who their parents have entrusted them with are afraid to take care of them? I’m sure if this boy was still at home, his parents would have taken care of him, regardless of the kind of disease he was suffering.

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