Kofi Anaman claps back at ex-president Kuffour over his anti-Nkrumah statement

Chicago based youth education expert, Kofi Anaman has slammed former President Kuffour over his “anti-Nkrumah” statement.

Responding to earlier claims by ex-President Kuffour that “Nkrumah’s lack of vision and planning cause Ghana’s current woes”, Mr Anaman labeled the ex-president as one suffering from Alzheimer’s syndrome for downplaying Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s achievements.

According to him, Mr. Kuffour has no moral right to criticize and downplay Kwame Nkrumah due to the latter’s conscious and effort to industrialize the country by building factories whiles former President Kuffour instead of building factories built hotels.

In a lengthy write-up, Mr Anaman said,

• Is the man who built hotels for himself when he was President saying he doesn’t know what Nkrumah did created many opportunities for struggling communities and families in the country?

• Is Kuffuor saying he doesn’t know that, steel smelting and concrete building for instance, are some of the essential building blocks for a baby nation?

• Is Kuffuor saying he doesn’t know that, the colonial masters didn’t care about our economy, and were ok with individuals such as blacksmiths making products one at a time in a slow pace at their homes?

• Is he saying he doesn’t know that the factories Nkrumah built employed mostly locals?

• Is Kuffuor telling us that, he doesn’t know the factories Nkrumah built was very important in alleviating poverty in a baby nation?

• Doesn’t Kuffuor know that, when Nkrumah took over from the British, the only hospitals available in the country were located in Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi, and only the colonial masters could go there?

• Doesn’t Kuffuor know that Nkrumah spent money to build many regional and district hospitals so ordinary Ghanaians could get medical care?

• Doesn’t Kuffuor know that, the British refused to educate our cousins in the northern part of the country because they (British) didn’t get anything from them?

• Doesn’t Kuffuor know that it was one of the main reasons Nkrumah spent money to initiate the free education policy in the Ghana so those in the north could get the chance to go to school?

• But why blame him? Afterall he and his kind are always pampered in the country so why won’t they continue pranking us each time there’s a microphone in front of them?

• Please don’t tell me Kuffuor is having Alzheimer’s symptoms!

Mr. Anaman who is bent on protecting the image and legacy of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah some few months ago blasted Nana Akuffo Addo and NPP government for brainwashing school kids about Dr. Nkrumah

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