Lady Who Was Cursed By Selly Galley For Tagging Her Ugly And Barren Runs Back To Beg After Attacks From Social Media Users

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Henewaa Piesie, the netizen who decided that having her peace of mind on a wet Wednesday afternoon was not enough reason to thank her maker but went under a photo of Ghanaian actress and TV presenter, Selly Galley to call her barren and ugly has finally apologized.

The young lady who has been dealt a lot of hefty blows by many social media users on various platforms for her disgusting comment hurried back to a post spotted on the Instagram page of popular Ghanaian blogger/vlogger Zionfelix to apologize.

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According to her, she did not think that such a silly remark about someone, especially a lady was going to be this hurtful.

She also begged Zionfelix to make her apology reach the beautiful actress.

Well, her initial comments angered Selly Galley so she replied and cursed her. I guess this might change that somehow.

See a screenshot of her apology below

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