Male Fan Of Fella Makafui Threatens Her On Social Media (+Screenshot)

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Some of the fans of popular people in the showbiz industry sometimes get take their ‘love’ for these entertainers to very shocking and crazy levels.

While others are tattooing the names or slogans of these celebrities on their bodies for the fun of it, others do other very insane things one can hardly comprehend.

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One such cr@zy fan of Ghanaian actress/entrepreneur, Mrs. Precious Frimpong aka Fella Makafui has just threatened to take her to a juju man if she does not agree to marry him very soon.

This is certainly crazy at all the levels one can possibly think of if you take into account the fact that Fella Makafui got married to her bestie, Medikal this year, and just about three weeks ago, they announced the birth of their first child who they named Island Frimpong.

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Well, let’s just hope that these are just one of those messages to get the attention of his celebrity crush and not a serious juju threat as it sounds.

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