Moesha Buduong Goes Br@less For The Cameras (Video)

Ghanaian socialite, Moesha Buduong was br@less yesterday when she attended the premiere of a music video in the capital.

As one of the vixens featured in the budding musician, Gambo‘s classy video for single ‘Drip’, Moesha Buduong was seen at the video premiere in a fitting pink-colored jumpsuit that gave people around and the cameras a lot than expected.

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A close look at the dress she was wearing showed that the ambassador for hips enlargement was not having a br@ on.

Well, this is not really surprising because ever since she made some name for herself in the entertainment industry, Moesha has mostly fancied stepping out with a br@ a lot of them since her front goodiez are firm already.

Watch the video below for all the FUN!


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