Moesha Buduong Tw3rks W!ldly To Her Own Song As It Plays On Giant TV

Moesha Buduong released her first song about a week ago on her birthday. The song was released together with its music video.

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The actress, who believes that she is talented enough to enter into music, directly sampled a song by American star, Beyonce. Moesha released the song to wild praises from fellow celebrities, although a large section of the Ghanaian public were not impressed with it.

Whether people are impressed with it or not, Moesha does not seem to care at all as she was spotted in a new video twerking to her song while it played on a giant television set in her living room.

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Moesha could be seen in a top and white underwear as she tw3rked and sang along to the song.

Spy the video below.

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