“No Girl Will Be Allowed Near My Sons” Afia Schwarzenegger Blurts Out

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It seems that highly controversial Afia Schwarzenegger, is determined to make sure that no woman would be able to date her twin sons.

The troublesome self acclaimed comedienne has reiterated her stance that no girl can will be allowed near her sons, after a video went viral in which one of her sons was seen consoling his girlfriend, a video that Afia claimed to be old.

Afia has now sent a stern warning to any girl out there who may be thinking of hooking one of her sons up.

In an Instagram post, she stated that she has sacked all ladies away from her sons and she would continue to do so. She also told mothers to keep their free pu$sy daughters in check.

At this rate, she shouldn’t blame anyone if her sons later turn…..we will just keep quiet for now.

“If you have a problem with that kindly call your free pussy daughters to order,” She said

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