One more suspect involved in Kasoa ritual murder picked up by Police few hour after arresting Fetish Priestess

The Ghana Police Service is leaving no stones unturned in the recent ritual killing in Kasoa which saw the innocent life of young Ishmael Mensah taken away from him by two youngsters.

The chief suspects Nicholas Kini, 18, and Felix Nyarko, 15 where arrested same day the committed the murder and appeared before a court earlier this week.

They told the court a fetish priestess they saw on TV asked them to provide human being and an amount of GHC 5000 to make them rich overnight.

With this information, the police moved in to arrest the alleged priestess they saw on TV.

New information from DSP Juliana Obeng who is the head of Public Relations at the Police Headquarters has revealed that two more suspects have been arrested and assisting the police in investigations.

She named Charity and Desmond Nii Adjei as the new suspects in their custody and helping them to unraval the truth behind the unfortunate incident in Kasoa.

She called on the media to be circumspect in their reportage.

“Investigations are still ongoing, we stressed the need for us to be circumspect in our reportage because the case is quite sentimental; we do not want to toy with the emotions at this moment”

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