Osebo the Zaraman narrates how Apostle Kwodwo Sarfo mysteriouly released him from an Italian prison after getting jailed 9 months, 10 days

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Osebo the Zaraman has revealed that Apostle Kwdow Sarfo Kantanka through his spiritual capabilities and strength released him from a prison in Napoli- Italy in 2019, five days after he was jailed.

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According to Osebo, Apostle Kwdwo Srfo Kantanka is not just an ordinary man but highly spiritually fortified man who controls the rainbow and capable of doing things beyond imagination.

“I was arrested in Italy 31st January 2019 and jailed 9 months, 10 days in Italy and just five days after serving Prison sentence, Apostle Kwodwo Sarfo appeared in my dreams and I was eventually released from prison beyond my imagination”.

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Osebo revealed that the most surprising aspect of his release that he was not taken to court nor hired a lawyer to his defence yet he was released miraculously.

He produced documents to prove his arrest claims

He is therefore of the view that whoever tries to disrespect Apostle Kwdow Sarfo should be careful because of his spiritual prowess.

Watch the video below:

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