Our power-drunk president and bootlicking EC chairperson Will kill all Ghanaians soon

It was 4 : 01am when my brother came calling upon seeing lights in my room. Guess what, he was dressed and going to queue for Voters ID card and wanted me to get the Ghana Post GPS address for him.

My 70yrs old mother joined in a few minutes. I had to take her to the venue around 4:15 am after my failed attempt to convince her to forgo the ID card since doing this card is riskier than any benefits associated with it. She’s patriotic to the core; instead of using common sense to stay alive.

Upon reaching the venue, we were met with over 200 people already in the queue waiting to register in my small village (Sokode). Smh ????‍♂️, no social distancing protocol and almost 99% of them were holding their nose mask in hand whiles having hearty conversations.

They were holding the nose mask in hand because they were made aware that without it, you wouldn’t be allowed to register. Yes, EC will come later on to enforce the so-called protocols, but what happens from the dawn that the people started queuing till EC comes around 7:30 am to start the process??

Ghana recorded over 5000 new cases within the last week taking our total cases to over 20K. Notable politicians and doctors losing their lives to the virus. But we don’t care. The president went into hiding amidst fears of contracting the virus.

Current patients are only being told to isolate themselves and take in more water. Without any form of check or mechanisms in place to make sure that they are actually isolating themselves.

Even the very few patients in the holding centers are not getting enough water to drink not to talk of the most basic PPAs for the brave health personnel in the center of it all.

Yet, our greedy power-drunk president with the arrogant bootlicking chairperson of the EC thought it wise to prioritize elections over the health of the common people.

We are yet to see the worst, more people are going to get infected and more people are going to die. These are the plain truths. If you think there’s a better way to polish this then you must be thinking with your heart instead of your brains. Our figures are going to double in the coming days and the idiots won’t care about it.

If you think these idiots care about you, you probably have your brains in your anus with absolutely no reasoning power. And oh, if you think everyone will be queuing before registering for the new voter’s ID card, then you probably don’t know how this messed up country works. The electoral commission would be registering “the people that matter” in their bedrooms and offices under strict protocols while you wake up at 3am to queue and vote for an idiot whose main aim would be to enrich his family and equip them for decades to come.

It is your patriotic duty to the country to take part in voting and election of leaders but not when these same leaders totally have no iota of concern about your health. Most people who tested positive were only asked to isolate themselves and drink a lot of water. But guess what, the health minister was placed under the best care in the UGMC with the best medical persons to take care of him.

What will happen should you test positive?!! All Ghanaians are equal under the constitution but of course, some are more equal than others !!

The battle is still the Lords but your life is your sole responsibility!! Be wise

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