Prince David Osei reveals his acting career success and how covid has affected him

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On the list of Most successful Ghanaian Actors, the name Prince David Osei, cannot be exempted. Not only is he successful in his chosen career, he is also happily married with three kids, with the expectation of having twins in the future.

His BMW car was used by Zion to measure his success. His car which costs $120.000, is a sum that sounds unbelievable for an actor to have but according to him, the money he has made over the 15 year period in acting has all been invested in productive ventures, which have afforded him the kind of lifestyle he lives.

The covid 19 pandemic he said has affected his new movies, “Newsman” and “Dismayed as you prayed” which should have been premiered long ago, if not for the pandemic. But regardless, he is still working hard on other things which keeps him going. He has won many awards in and beyond the country, and his creativity and innovativeness has put him in a position which is difficult to challenge. The legendary title, in his opinion, befits him.

He also made a very pragmatic decision of taking his wife to America to have all their kids there, which he sees as a form of investment. Prince being a good thinker, has also set up all his siblings well, so they are all in good standing to help one another.

Speaking about his marriage, he enlightened us on how important it is to marry ones friend. For him, he thinks he has a successful marriage because he was friends with his wife even before they became a couple. This makes it easy for them to talk about everything. He see’s his wife as an equal, rather than a surbodinate, this is why he allows her to direct him in investing wisely and to cut unnecessary spending.

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