Remember these musicians who gave you bangers back in the days? This is what they have been doing after quitting Music

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By Isaac Anthony

Being a musician is like a seasonal crop. Once you burst onto the music scene with your hits, just know that there will come a time where your fame will whither away and your music career will be dead.

Some musicians end up entering into careers which makes them still relevant in the entertainment industry whiles others are completely not heard off by living private lives, away from the sight of the public.
Some musicians came onto the scene giving as good melodies and back to back hits but are no more relevant in the music game. brings to you what these musicians have been up to.

1. Nyansa Pow
This name may sound a bit unfamiliar to many but Nyansa pow was a very talented musician in his prime and gave us back to back hits such as Daben,Yesu Fre, Akosua Mary, Ohia Poso, Kapuipui, By The Riverside, Ma Wenni Ngye etc. He released his maiden album Bowanopow in 2007.  He featured  Castro and Kwabena Kwabena on Daben and unsurprisingly that particular song received massive airplay across the country.
Nyansa Pow followed up with an eight-track album in 2008 titled One Bright Day and also performed well on the local charts.

Much was not heard about Nyansa Pow later around 2010 as he went on hibernation and later resurfaced on social media. According to our checks, Nyansa Pow has now joined the US Military and stays in Key West Florida.
Our sources tell us he is on the verge of making a massive return to the music business as he is seriously recording new songs.

2. Atumpan
“Small girl you don’t know the thing, I am teaching you the thing, you are playing with the thing” was the anthem in Ghana in the year 2013. Atumpan became an instant hit with ‘the thing’ and ‘Sisimuden’.

Atumpan played a couple of shows and thereafter relocated to London in the United Kingdom. He subsequently changed his showbiz name ‘Da Talking Drumz’ and released a couple of songs including his latest project, Chinginga but the song could not make the buzz as it appears Ghanaians are done with him.

3. Barima Sidney
Who doesn’t know the term ‘Apuskeleke’? Sidney gave us a lot of memories by being the originator of terms in Ghana musically. His songs were easy to relate to as he crafted them beautifully with local jargons starting from ‘Apuskeleke, Scent no, African money, Awuche kpongo, Enko Yie, who Born Dog, Boosu’ and a couple of beautiful songs.

He later switched to doing controversial political songs to address issues in the country. Barima Sidney suddenly disappeared from the music scene. His name popped up again but this time not musically but was seen on a campaign trail with President of Liberia, his best friend.
Barima Sidney bounced back with a couple of songs in 2018 including ‘Mpentatwe’ but it looked like Ghanaians were not ready to give him listening ears. He has since gone missing but reports have it that he has been living between Liberia and Ghana.

4. Joe Frazier
Joe Frazier was one of the hottest rappers in Ghana during his prime.
His interesting style of rap accompanied by very melodic rhyming made him the hearts of many Ghanaians though he was not in the league of best rappers in Ghana at the time. His song hye hye and a couple of songs performed well on the local charts. Joe Frazier went into hiding for a long time and it was heard he was in the United Kingdom where he was comfortably living his life. He re-surfaced in 2017 with a hot rap song borlar goods which featured Ogya Mensah but Ghanaians did not pay attention to him.

He was recently rumored to have fallen under the Grace and became a born again Christian and had given his life to Christ. He revealed he was done with circular music as he was prepared to release a gospel song but again, nothing was heard about that song. Joe Frazier has been lately hanging out with Prince Bryt of Buk Bak fame and also promoting his new single Taa Taa as it appears the born again status has been cut short though it looks like Ghanaians have already given him a ‘red card’ in music.
Our sources tell us he lives in the United Kingdom and visits Ghana seldomly.
5. Asem
Asem became a household name and won the hearts of Ghanaians with his unique rap style. His song Give me blow catapulted him to the limelight in 2010 and dropped hit singles including E be your own, Show something, Suuliya, No more kpayor etc. After dropping his hit single Bye Bye which featured Kwabena Kwabena in 2012, Asem released Wasted to show his dominance but unfortunately, the song didn’t make the expected waves in Ghana.

Asem eventually relocated to the United States a year after and since then very little was heard about him until a picture of a lanky skinny Asem surfaced on the internet with many suggesting he was perhaps ill. Asem came out to dispell the allegations and maintained that his weight loss was strategic.
He has since been releasing songs but Ghanaians have paid no attention to Asem’s music.

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