SHOCKING: Prophet Nigel Gaisie tells sakawa boy to sow a seed of GHS,5000 to enable him dupe a white woman millions of dollars

Prophet Nigel Gaisie seem not to amaze Ghanaians about her style of prohetism and has further casted doubts about his calling.

During a church service, Prophetic Nigel Gaisie asked a young sakawa boy how much he is willing to pay to sow a seed to enable him defraud a a white woman millions of dollars.

After the young man he was willing to offer GHS500, the self acclaimed prophet replied that GHS500 was too small and that he should sow a seed of GHS5,000 instead to enable God open the sakawa door for him.

The Rasta hair Yahoo boy had no choice than to kneel for special prayers as he awaits the miracle money in 4 months.

Watch the video below:

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