SM Fan Attacks Shatta Wale With Sense Over Grammy Outburst

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By Kevin

A social media user who labels himself as a big fan of Shatta Wale, has blasted his boss over a live video that the dancehall musician made a few days ago.

According to the fan, many of the things that Shatta Wale spoke of in the video did not make sense.

In the said video, Shatta Wale stated that Grammy was not important to him and that he would rather invest his money in properties than in expensive music videos.

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However, the fan perceived all that Shatta Wale said to be wrong and borne out of bitterness. The fan took his time to write a long essay for his boss and the essay seems to make a lot of sense.

Check out his statement below:

“Everyone wey know me know I’m SM to the bone & a big Shatta Wale fan and I consider him as one of the best dancehall artists in Africa.

Yesterday Shata Wale took to Instagram Live and took shots at a couple of people and made some remarks which personally I think it’s Naivety and bitterness.

Some of the things Wale talked about in the Live was; If he go take 50k do video,he would rather go shoot that video at Nima & use that video money to buy house and considered African artist who shoot those videos as fools.

Secondly, he said Grammys is nothin but a plaque and he personally don’t need it bcuz he is a the only Ghana’s international artist.

Thirdly,he said he has money and 5 houses in East Legon and those houses are dream houses of those other Grammy winning artists.

Finally, he took a shot at bloggers like Kwadwo Sheldon saying they are not musicians and hence don’t know anything about music so shouldn’t comment on it.

So now let’s address it, Chairman when it comes to showbiz there’s something called BRANDING and that is what you sell to the outside world.

Any wiseman would tell u “INVEST IN YOUR CRAFT” so spending money on videos and production only makes your art go beyond borders and gets you mass audience which increases profit and endorsements.

Secondly, The Grammys is a worldwide celebrated platform for Artists who have achieved globally so even if they don’t give u 1gh for winning it, it gives u worldwide recognition which attracts Gbobal artists, Brands & Companies who would want to work with u.

Thirdly, no need to talk about Cars and Mansions like Burna boy, Wizkid sleep on trees,they equally got bigger Mansions and bigger cars.

Cars we know u flaunt are Range Rovers and Benz which normal guys here get plenty but these other acts own Bentleys, Lambos etc..Finally, the bloggers.

Kwadwo Sheldons job is to be a critic and we have got critics all over the world. Charlamange the God once said Drake’s music was thrash and Drake released top selling albums to answer to those critics.

They don’t have to be musicians, their job is to listen and give an oppinion so if ur shit tight he would give u ur accolades.

Now back to this pic I posted, Diddy is a world-renowned producer with almost 20M followers so imagine he postin Burna & the recognition Burna gon get.

I remember you did a song ‘Hossana’ with Burna and at that time u were Bigger than him but he INVESTED in his craft and now look where he at..‘ALREADY’ with Beyoncé was bigger and streamed than ‘BROWN SKIN GAL’ but because of the connects and recognition it was the video selected which eventually won Wizkid a Grammy.

That award could have been for us..1DON Branding is necessary, Connections is necessary so it’s time we stop that free free thing and invest in our craft”

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