“Spare the rod, spoil the child” – Breeding tommorow’s generation of idiots whiles canes lie idle


The generation writing this year’s WASSCE and soon to write BECE are the very people who were born out of the free maternal care of Prez Kuffour’s regime. They have enjoyed the school feeding program, now enjoying free SHS and on top of it, have been given past questions for free to prepare for their final examination.

These children have been pampered since their birth to date. As a teacher or school authority, u dare not touch them when they go wrong in school. The govt, GES, child right agencies and parents will come after if you punish them. Some parents throng schools and in the full glare of these children attack teachers and school authorities. Discipline has broken down in our schools and this has transcended our homes. We must know that When we are tight-lipped on deviance today, deviants will tomorrow see indiscipline as their basic right.

The teacher is blamed when these children write their final examinations and are unsuccessful. This has compelled ‘some’ teachers and school authorities to aid their students pass their exams to save their names. Should a teacher, an invigilator, headmaster, an exam supervisor stand against these acts of examination malpractice, such person is branded as the most wicked person and if care is not taken such person’s life would be in danger.

We have polarized our educational system to the extent that these children think the success of a politician winning an election hinges on the success of them passing their final examinations. The govt, headmasters, teachers, and invigilators must, therefore, allow and aid them write their exams and any attempt to stop them will result in student’s vandalism and issuing threats to school authorities and the President of the land.

There is a saying that ‘you reap what you sow’ and that is exactly what we are witnessing today in our schools. We are reaping the indiscipline and the pampering we have sowed in these children.

Spare the rod, spoil the child!




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