Stunt? Check Out What A Close Confidant Of Akuapem Poloo Said About Her Supposed Wedding At Alisa Hotel Today

Earlier today stunt queen, Akuapem Poloo flooded her Instagram pages with videos of herself in a wedding gown, fully made-up, and surrounded by other beautiful ladies she claimed to be her bridesmaids because she was getting married.

In those videos reported on earlier, she went on and on about how God has finally answered her prayers and given her a man to who has come into her life to shame all the people who were mocking her as a single mother of one.

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Just as we expected and suspected from the very beginning the videos hit online, the whole thing might just be a stunt to get the buzz for something else she is doing.

According to the ‘unknown’ lady behind the notorious IG blog, ThoseCalledCelebs, who is more or less a godmother for Akuapem Poloo, the whole thing is just a shot she is taking for a new ambassadorial deal she has got.

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In a post she shared on her page after Poloo videos went viral, the lady shaded people who supposedly tried to disgrace Poloo recently by leaking that awkward b3droom video of hers online.

She added that even though they tried, Poloo is getting a lot of ambassadorial deals.

“Oh my!! And she is using ma favourite track 💞💞💞💞☺️☺️❤ my question is….so dey cldnt bring this lady down?? More ambassadorial works coming her way…..dnt touch de anointed oke…..from grace to grace ❤☺️”, she wrote.

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I guess the cat is finally out of the bag and everybody can go about their business because this drama is also over now.

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