Afia Schwarzeneggar


The son of controversial media personality, Afia Schwarzenegger, has denied having any knowledge about the video that is trending on social media in which he can be seen begging his crying girlfriend.

A fan questioned Afia Schwarzenegger as to whether she had seen the trending video of her son begging his girlfriend.

Afia Schwarzenegger replied that her son was with her so all the prostitutes could vanish.

To further prove that the video was not legit, Afia released screenshots of chats between herself and her son, James Ian, who revealed that the video was actually an old one.

Afia also revealed that her children never shied from free pu$sy, which means that they would sleep with anyone who availed herself to them and then dump her.

One of the sons of loud mouth media personality, Afia Schwarzenegger, was seen in a recent video begging his girlfriend who can be seen seriously crying as if a close family member had died.

The son, who is one of the twins known as James Ian Geiling Heerdegen, was seen begging the girl known as Naa Koshie, in an effort to stop her crying.

The rumored cause of the girl crying is said to be that she has been harrased on social media by Afia Schwarzenegger, who has stated that her sons were not going to date any girl in Ghana.

The young girl probably felt insulted and heartbroken and could be seen seriously crying.

We wonder who made the video though

Many Ghanaian social media users have been hounding the self-acclaimed queen of comedy, Afia Schwarzenegger to publicly make the results of her handsome twins who sat for this year’s WASSCE as many other proud parents have done.

In a post we have sighted online, Afia Schwar has sort of revealed the results of her twins as she tried to provide a reaction to all the calls and attacks on her.

Controversial Ghanaian musician turned businesswoman, Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah aka Mzbel has replied to Afia Schwar’s recent claims that her she lost her unborn twins because she is evil.

After Mzbel’s earlier revelation on social media that she lost her twin babies, Afia Schwar as a guest host on Angel FM Accra rubbished the claims and said: “Once a liar, always a liar, how can you be drinking beer in a live video and moments after go download photos from google to deceive people that you’ve had a miscarriage. God doesn’t give twins to the evil, you can not even have a double egg… you said I was the bad person. How come her relationship with iOna has gone sour?”

In the last 24 hours, one netizen identified as Henewaa Piesie has incurred the wrath of many Ghanaians on social media following her decision to described actress and TV presenter, Selly Galley as ugly and barren.

Her offensive comment has seen many people bash her and even threaten to make the rest of her days in Ghana an unpleasant one.

Nana Tornado has made another allegation to support his claims that Afia Schwarzenegger is indeed cheap and easy to chop.

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This allegation has raised eyebrows and if indeed true, Afia Schwarzenegger could be described as indeed cheap.

Narrating the series of events that led to Afia finally chopping blanket man, Nana Tornado revealed that Blanket man contacted Afia to retrieve her hacked Instagram account and after meeting Blanket man at a filling station, Afia told he Nana Tornado that Blanket man was fine and wants to chop him.

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Tornado says after getting to Afia’s house in the company of Blanket man, he Nana Tornado went out to buy malt only for him to return to realize that Afia Schwarzenegger had locked the door and chopping Blanket.

Watch that part the video from 22:25 to 23:30

Last night, Dr. Kwaku Oteng’s Adonko Group of Companies officially unveiled their new baby, Adonko Next Level Energy Drink to the world with a virtual concert (which was not actually virtual in the true meaning of the word) at Accra.

The concert, which took place at the Holiday Inn Hotel saw a lot of respected people in the entertainment industry in attendance.

Ghana’s loud and self-styled queen of comedy, Afia Schwarzenegger was yesterday mercilessly dragged on social media after an audiotape of herself was leaked online by notorious Instagram blogger, ThoseCalledCelebs.

In the viral audiotape that was sent through Whatsapp to the CEO of Pinamang Cosmetics, Afia Schwar was heard begging to be made one of the many brand ambassadors for the company because she was apparently broke and willing to do anything now for me.

Finally, the young Nigerian lady who is alleged to be at the center of all the backlash social media sensation, Akuapem Poloo has received on social media in the last 24hours and more after her awkward bedroom video hit online has reacted.

Sounding very high on some Wuhan weed following Akuapem Poloo allegation that she was behind her viral video, this Nigerian former bestie of Akuapem Poloo denied having any hand in the leak.

The whole drama about the disturbing viral video of Akuapem Poloo has taken a rather sharp turn in the last 24 hours following earlier reports that one jilted lover started circulating the video on social media.

In a strange turn of events, the social media star has in video sighted by accused four people (Susan Charles, Afia Schwar, Naana Brown, and Archipalago) of masterminding her downfall in the entertainment industry by releasing her private video onto the internet.

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