Veteran Ghanaian singer Mzbel has opined that Cyberbullying should be made punishable by law to prevent people from insulting and denigrating others online.

Speaking in an interview on Accra FM with Nana Romeo, Mzbel showed her disgust at the lies and insults people used against each other on social media.

She also stated that the image of celebrities were now being dented through the use of social media.

“I don’t know about Nigeria and other countries but here in Ghana, from what I’ve seen so far and from my own experience. I think that people take advantage of social media to do inappropriate things we abuse it. The abuse on social media is too much” she stated

The singer later suggested that there should be laws on people who pose as bloggers to prevent them from posting untruths and anything that is not fact-checked.

Mzbel added, “There could be laws put in place and enforced to punish people who do certain things on social media. We have to create awareness about it otherwise everyone will just abuse anyone devoid of the person’s age, status, or ethnicity, just because they disagree on certain issues,” she continued.

She also called on bloggers to be diligent in their reportage.

“Everybody is a blogger now because they have data on their phones but I don’t think it has to be that way,”

Afia Schwarzenegger‘s apology to Mzbel may not be a genuine one and we are thinking it may be some sort of trap to get Mzbel and trump on her one more time.

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Apparently Mzbel has been smart enough to deny Afia Schwarzenegger’s ‘crocodile apology and it serve her right.

Afia Schwarzenegger ahs taken to Instagram to shower unwarranted praises to Mzbel’s fiercest rival, Tracey Boakye, describing her with all the good words and adjectives one can think of.

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She wrote,

“My queen,my bestie,East Legon land lady…you are irreplaceable. Obi nya wo ay3… tuntumbronipapapaaa ,Akua Nhyira papa girl papabi @tracey_boakye ..
I love you too much!!!

If Afia really means to patch things up with Mzbel, why then would She be eulogizing Tracey Boakye unnecessarily at a time when he is the same person initiating that Mzbel becomes friend with him again.

Below is her post:

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Marking her Birthday today,14th February, 2020, Comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger has appealed to her former long time best friend, Mzbel to let go of their spat and forgive her for all the fights they have engaged in the past.

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Afia Shwarzenegger also used the opportunity to inform Mzbel that she has equally forgiven her and that she loves her so much as a sister.

Explaining her reasons for this surprise action, Afia revealed that she was just doing her job as a Christian following what Christ preaches.

She thus urged Mzbel to give her life to Christ.

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Afia Schwarzenegger and Mzbel were very good friends until they go at each other’s neck some few years ago. Since then, they have been one of the industry’s fiercest enemies.

Below is the video:

Afia Schwarzenegger is on the verge of reigniting her beef with her long-time rival and former best friend, Mzbel following a new revelation.

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Loudmouthed Afia Schwarzenegger has revealed that indeed Nigel Giasie chopped Mzbel and the escapade was carried out in Nigel Gaisie’s church.

Afia was speaking about Nigel Gaisie and his inaccurate prophecies and went on to say that Nigel Gaisie would be delivering fake prophecies. She further revealed at the end of the video that indeed Nigel Gaisie chopped Mzbel in his church.

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It has been rumored for months that Nigel Gaisie compensated Mzbel with GHS 50,000 after irresponsibly sleeping with her.

Watch the video below:

Controversial Ghanaian musician turned businesswoman, Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah aka Mzbel has replied to Afia Schwar’s recent claims that her she lost her unborn twins because she is evil.

After Mzbel’s earlier revelation on social media that she lost her twin babies, Afia Schwar as a guest host on Angel FM Accra rubbished the claims and said: “Once a liar, always a liar, how can you be drinking beer in a live video and moments after go download photos from google to deceive people that you’ve had a miscarriage. God doesn’t give twins to the evil, you can not even have a double egg… you said I was the bad person. How come her relationship with iOna has gone sour?”

Nana Tornado has made another allegation to support his claims that Afia Schwarzenegger is indeed cheap and easy to chop.

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This allegation has raised eyebrows and if indeed true, Afia Schwarzenegger could be described as indeed cheap.

Narrating the series of events that led to Afia finally chopping blanket man, Nana Tornado revealed that Blanket man contacted Afia to retrieve her hacked Instagram account and after meeting Blanket man at a filling station, Afia told he Nana Tornado that Blanket man was fine and wants to chop him.

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Tornado says after getting to Afia’s house in the company of Blanket man, he Nana Tornado went out to buy malt only for him to return to realize that Afia Schwarzenegger had locked the door and chopping Blanket.

Watch that part the video from 22:25 to 23:30

Afia Schwarzenegger’s former ally, Nana Tornado has revealed that Afia Schwarzenegger is living a fake life on social media and goes about taking pictures with people’s properties.

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Nana Tornado claims Afia Schwarzenegger is not rich as she claims and if she is indeed rich, his poor 82-year father who lives in Atonsu in Kumasi would not be renting a house and also serve as an attendant at a drug store.

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The outspoken socialite revealed that Afia Schwarzenegger has failed to post his real father who is a pauper on social media because of fear of been exposed and has over the years been posting his mother’s boyfriend as his father.

Watch the video below:

Mzbel and Afia Schwarzenegger have been at each other’s throat the last few days, each in a bid to shame her rival.

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The former best friends who are now enemies reignited their beef following Afia Schwarzegger’s outburst on Neat FM, therefore, pushing Mzbel to react and for the 105th time employed the services of Nana Tornado to assist her to ‘murder’ Afia Schwarzenegger the final time.

Nana Tornado has revealed in a video that Afia Schwarzenegger is a [email protected] who has been constantly been sleeping with other ladies for fun. Nana Tornado who was adamant about disclosing the identity of the ladies revealed that one stays at Pillar 2 and some of them are restaurant waitresses.

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Another shocking revelation that was made was that Afia Schwarzenegger and her blanket boyfriend engaged in several threes0mes with these ladies.

Watch the video below:

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