When we talk about successful bloggers in Ghana, one name that comes to mind is Zionfelix. This young guy who just turned 29, has taken blogging to a whole new level. He has a unique way of writing and interviewing people, which has chalked him many successes.

The unveiling of his newly built mansion and studio at his 29th birthday party, says it all. On the Delay show, he gave a rough estimation of the money used in building his house, and it’s a whopping Gh₵400,000. He completed the building in a space of two years, and is building another one.

Zionfelix has really been blessed through blogging. According to him, he came to Accra from Kumasi as a student, who did not know anyone, but through hard-work and determination he has made it.

He has taken over blogging in a way his predecessors couldn’t. He also said that his love for the job and the passion with which he does it is what makes him a successful blogger.

In the coming years, it won’t be surprising if he sours even higher, because he now has his own studio which will make his work less difficult.

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It’s no secret who the famous blogger Zionfelix is dating. We all know he’s dating Mina, a beautician who owns the Minalyn touch brand. She’s beautiful and sophisticated. She has gained a lot of popularity since she started dating Zion.

The fearless Delay who has no compunctions in speaking her mind, insinuated that Mina is with Zion because she wants fame and good clients for her business, and she seems to have achieved her aim, because now she has the likes of Moesha, Rev Obofour’s wife, and other well known Celebrities as clients. Basically, Mina is now mainstream because of Zion.

Delay also points out the fact that, Mina may have jumped ship, from Yemmy Baba her Ex, who is also a blogger like Zion, but less popular, with an ulterior motive of becoming successful through him. She is concerned that Mina could jump ship again, if someone more successful than Zion comes along. But Zion isn’t bothered because he trusts his Girl, however he also said, that if that happens, life still goes on for him.

On the other hand, it’s obvious that Zion also has his own motives for being in a relationship with Mina. He said he likes  classy Ladies, with well rounded figures, who have good taste in fashion, which perfectly describes Mina. He said he wants a wife he can show off, So it seems our meek looking Zion isn’t so meek afterall. His Ex girlfriend Nana Frema, who he claims to have dated for just a week was also well endowed, a proud product of Dr. Obengfo.

He praised Mina for being a good woman, who is classy but still low-maintenance. He declared his love for her and hinted that God willing, they may get married next year.

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Speaking on the Delay show, Zionfelix has made it known that in the not too distant future, he will be branching into real estates.

Infact plans are even underway, as he builds a new house within the same vicinity as the one he unveiled about two weeks ago.

According to him, his desire to branch into real estate is because of the bad reputation blogging is gaining in Ghana through the falsehoods some of the bloggers publish. So real estates is a way of ensuring that his future is secured, if the blogging business becomes less lucrative.

Delay took him on for saying other bloggers publish falsehoods, when it was his site which published the false story of her pregnancy and delivery. But in his defense, he denied writing the story, he said the story was written by one of his paid writers. He however accepted the blame and apologized for it.

He also mentioned briefly that he owns a car dealership.

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