Take back the cars and houses from your Militants if you indeed bought them – Popular DJ dares Shatta Wale

DJ Shyno dares Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale yesterday confirmed the exit of his SM Militants in a live Facebook video. In the video, the Shatta Movement Capo stated clearly that he sacked Natty Lee, Addi Self and Joint 77 before January 2020 because they ‘ganged up’ against him sighting Addi Self as the leader of the gang.

He described the SM Militants as talentless with his focus on Addi Self describing him as a ‘wack’ musician who cannot even write “The”.

He thus warned to beat any of the sacked militants if any of them records a video to tarnish his image because many are the things he has done for them including giving them lots of money and buying cars and houses for them.

As many Ghanaians are running commentaries about this news with diverse opinions, a popular Takoradi based DJ known as DJ Shyno has descended on Shatta Wale for lying about buying cars and houses for his SM militants and thinks that the Shatta Wale we all know will take back those cars and houses from the Militants if he indeed bought it for them.

He has therefore dared Shatta Wale in a Facebook post to take back the cars if he indeed bought it for them.

Below is the post of DJ Shyno.




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