Here Is Why The Site Which Hosted Sarkodie’s Virtual Concert Crashed

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By Isaac Anthony

Sarkodie’s Virtual Concert Crashed the hosting website due to millions of traffic streaming the show.

CEEK which was hosting the show live on its platform suffered serious technical issues after a few minutes to the start of the program.

Before the concert began, Sarkodie crashed the server of the streaming platform following his striking quantity of individuals who trooped to watch the show.

Ceek responded to the issue and clarified precisely what has happened. As per the hosting site for Black Love-Virtual Concert, the traffic was too much.

Ceek tweeted:

#SarkNation shut the web down. Due to overwhelming traffic, we are having some technical issues. Please standby we are working to resolve this. 1.5 million at once with more coming.

At the start of the program, Ghana alone produced over 1.3 million viewers and more than 200,000 others from different nations around the globe including USA, Spain, Germany ,Uk, etc.

The site couldn’t hold it so it crashed. Most people could not log in as well but suddenly, it was fixed.

Sarkodie has demonstrated that he has fans who are faithful and ready to belittle his works paying little heed to the circumstance.

More than a large number of individuals sat behind their gadget to watch him and his associate artiste to perform.


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