Unknown Details About Elikem Kumordzi And Salma Mumin’s ‘Wedding’ Photos & Videos Which Have Flooded Social Media Uncovered

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If one goes to the Instagram pages of Ghanaian actress Salma Mumin and her colleague actor cum tailor, Elikem Kumordzi, it would appear to the person as tho the two have tied the knot traditionally with the hashtag “EliSal20”.

The photos of the two, which have seen many social media folks react with shock because they probably did not know that Salma and Elikem were a thing, talk more of getting married out of the blue.

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From the photos flooding social media which have been sighted by, Salma and Elikem are seen at a wedding reception set-up which ironically does not have a single soul as a wedding guest.

Also, none of their colleagues in the industry was spotted there and they have shockingly not shared a single photo of the supposed wedding ceremony and the reception on their social media pages.

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Well, this rather shocking development got us to delve deeper to ascertain if there was any truth in this supposed marriage.

Luckily enough, we did and the only truth is that Salma and Elikem are just fooling their fans who believe that they are married because these photos and videos are supposed to be an ad for a company.

Anyway, check some of the photos and videos they shared with the caption:“What you wear is a Very Vital part of your Traditional Wedding and so Is your Set up. Let’s Fix it. We are happy to share our Joy and Work with the rest of the world,” below


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