VGMA22: One hit wonder Yaw Tog thanks his haters in appreciation speech after winning an award; this could be the hater he is referring to

Yaw Tog left many confused last night after he marred his acceptance speech after winning hip-hop song of the year at the just ended VGMA22 – Yes, Yaw Tog of yesterday with just one hit is thanking his haters!

“Shout-outs to my haters”, was that even necessary? – That was an amateur behavior from Yaw Tog to say the least. Why would he think that Ghanaians are hating on him when his sore song in real fact has been catapulted with hype and not his talent? – Its fair to say that Kofi Jamar deserved all the Kumerican rap spotlight more than Yaw Tog.

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Yaw Tog is has just began threading on a dangerous path – Majority of Ghanaians have been angered by this unnecessary speech and should be prepared for his downfall, no disrespect to him.

Well, we have been thinking about who this hater is and here are those we think this litttle chap of yesterday has been referring to as his hater.

1. Mr. Logic
Mr. Logic could be sighted as a hater after he openly criticized Yaw Tog as a class one rapper and not talented as Ghanaians think he is. Mr. Logic opined that Yaw Tog has been overhyped and thinks he has more to learn.
Mr. Logic made the revelations on Hitz FM as a pundit and it will be no more surprise for Yaw Tog to take offence and label Mr. Logic a hater.

2. Kofi Jamar
Kofi Jamar has been a bestie of Yaw Tog and has always been spotted with his Kumerican buddy at events. But what did we see last night? Kofi Jamar was missing from the Kumerican boys which included Yaw Tog himself as they made entry at the VGMAs. Well, have exclusively learnt that Kofi Jamarr and Yaw Tog are not on cooler heads as they used to in recent times and whatever they only smile at each other just for the cameras. Despite their performance together and Kofi Jamar congratulating him with a handshake when he rose to pick his plaque, the two have not been cool in recent times. Yaw Tog was featured on Kofi Jamar’s hit, Ekorso. It may appear that too much praises for Kofi Jamar and suggesting that he deserved the spotlight than Yaw Tog may have caused Yaw Tog to refer Kofi Jamarr a hater.

3. Asakaa Boys
Asakaa boys could be labeled as straight haters following a fallout between him and the guys who contributed to get him the Sore hit. Currently, its an open secret that Yaw Tog is not on good terms with the Asakaa boys for unknown reasons even though Yaw Tog has revealed in several interviews and platforms that there is no bad blood between them despite the fact that he doesn’t relate to them like he used to in the past.

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