VIDEO: Abena Korkor shockingly boogies with Giovani Caleb as she heads to Date Rush to find love

Bipolar stricken Abena Korkor has been seen in a video boogeying with her ex, Giovani Caleb as she headed to Date Rush to find love.

It appears Abena Korkor is bent on ending her singleness after being used and dumped severally by several of Ghanaian celebrities which she named some few days ago.

What has been very shocking about her appearance of Date Rush was going face to face with Giovani Caleb, a former ally turned foe and even dancing on stage with Giovani.

Abena Korkor Blasts Giovani Caleb Mercilessly For Denying That He ‘Chopped’ Her In A Recent Interview (Video)

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Giovani has severally appeared in Abena’s list of men who have slept with her even though Giovani denied the allegation on the Delay Show.
Watch the video below:

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