VIDEO: Angel Obinim fools his ignorant church members; Gives them a trickster’s excuse after failing to fill their bags with instant money as promised

Ignorance has really eaten up the minds of some Christians who are always bent on seeing miracles. These so-called Christians instead of sitting their a$$es down to work would just waste their precious times on weekdays chasing miracles from modern-day conmen and tricksters who have coined different names for themselves to deceive members of their little hard-earned monies.

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It’s however no surprise that these tricksters who end up putting fear in their members for them to assume that they live in the same apartment with God in heaven drive flashy cars and live in plush mansions.

I am still sitting behind my PC, awe-stricken and shocked about the stupidity and ignorance of the members of Bishop Daniel Obinim who left their homes with empty bags to be filled with instant monies by a conman in a cassock – You think God listens to such useless prayers?

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And just as I predicted before Bishop Obinim started his prayers, Obinim finally told his members that his God has instructed him not to deliver the instant money but rather do it in ten days’ time – What an unbelievable Kweku Ananse story.

Shockingly, these members clapped for him after Obinim lied through his teeth as if they were under some Indian charm.

Watch the video below:

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