VIDEO: Pastor Love Begs Kennedy Agyapong For Forgiveness And Confesses His ‘Evil’ Deeds


Pastor love who has recently been exposed and accused under the cloak of the bible to deceive his followers and been accused by several people he has dealt with in the past including his own son has begun begging Hon Kennedy Agyappong for forgiveness.
It looks like the embattled man of God is exhausted with his defence about been tagged an occult and fake prophet and is thus left with no option than to swallow the guilty pill and apologise to avoid been exposed the more.

According to Honourable Kennedy Agyapong, Pastor Love has called one of his friends known as Guy Gee who lives in America to beg him on his behalf.
Mr Agyapong claims Pastor Love confirmed to be occult and claims to have repented from his deeds and thus begging Mr Agyapong to stop exposing him.

Pastor Love was named by Manasseh, a repented fake prophet as a member of the occult and fake prophets and went on to expose Pastor Love some of his “evil” dealings including employing the services of four street boys to sleep with his ex-wife, Obaapa Christy.

Video Below:




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