VIDEO: Self Acclaimed Mother Of Slay Queens Advises Mzbel And Tracy Boakye With A Bible

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Self acclaimed slay queen and retired pimp Mona Gucci shocked social media users when she came on a live Instagram video to advise Mzbel and Tracy Boakye over their current beef of who really owns the manhood of the married man that has been gifting them with expensive things.

The shocking part was when the slay queen actually brought out a Bible and advised them on how to live a humble and respectable life.

A lot of questions have been hitting us left and right and we are as shocked and confused just as much as you are confused now- Like what the hell ? Mona Gucci who came on live Tv some months ago fishing out her other colleagues and gangs who parade married men’s bank accounts by using their boat between their legs is now on social media with a Bible preaching and advising her other insane moronic slay queens oh how to live a decent life ? The world is in a state of madness !!!

In as much as her advise to them is on a good note, it seems to point out that Mona Gucci has repented and now winning souls for our dear Lord and Jesus Christ but at the same she is just as confuses as what exactly she should be doing with the Bible.

If the queen of slay queens has repented, then in the next few months, the other gangs would surely be pulled into this mission of repentance-Indeed 2020 has been a year of drastic confusion as some of our celebrities seems not to know what exactly is happening to them.

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