VIDEO: Why Don Kweli should be recognised in the VGAMA21 Unsung Category

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By Isaac Anthony

Initially, I did not want to talk about anything VGMA Unsung but on a second taught, I have decided to put down this little piece as I am left with no choice to jump on the bandwagon.
I came across this incredible talent called Don Kweli on social media and have seen lots of VGMA21Unsung hashtags going to his favour. I therefore decided to dig deep to know more about him. Succinct research about his songs objectively tells me that this guy is very talented and deserves a pot in the unsung category in this year’s VGMAs.

Of course, I have also looked at handful of some of the artistes in contention for a spot in that category, I have no way been caught between the devil and the deep blue sea as I am very optimistic that Don Kweli deserves recognition in the Unsung category.

It appears a lot of people on social media who are on the ball are rooting for this guy who has been recently rated fourth in Western Region’s top 5 musicians to be given a recognition in the Unsung category – A large number of hashtags are going in his favour and has been the hot potato of the category

Having listened to his songs such as Kundum Fever, Akasi, Naayen and Happy Life, I believe VGMA will have little explanations to make to the public regarding the nomination of this genius and thus would be a drive of a hard bargain.

A brief check about him details that he is already a sixth time Western Music Awards nominee and played twenty-six (26) shows alone in 2019 including headlining a musical concert in Ivory Coast in August 2019.
He has collaborated with the likes of Luther, Nero X, Afezi Perry and Kofi Kinaata.

This talented musician who sings and raps in his native Nzema language with a blend of Fante would be the first Nzema to be recognised by Ghana’s ultimate awards scheme should he be recognised – a wide opinion and optimism shared by the masses.

I have managed to get you some of his eye-catching videos below:

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