WATCH: Prince David Osei talks about his sexual life, wife and kids and how he deals with side chicks

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Prince David Osei, a Ghanaian actor who has always been the crush of most Ghanaian ladies, in an interview with Zionfelix has spoken about his sex life.

When quized about the size of his manhood, he revealed that some people in Ghana are speculating that he has a gigantic “gun”, but he said no one has seen it except  his wife who lives in America.

Long distance relationships have always been a problem for many couples, especially men, who can’t go a few days without sex. But Prince, who hasn’t seen his wife in almost five months said he has no desire to cheat, and has never cheated on her.

He did not give the exact number of years, but according to him, he had never had  sex for the first 20 something years of his life, so five months without sex is nothing to him. This makes him exceptional to most of his male folks, who can’t go even a day without sex.

Prince pointed out that, he is not exempted from the many sexual advances most handsome men like him get from wannabe side chicks but using pictures of his wife and kids as his phone’s screen saver, and the quality time he spends talking to them almost every dayl deters these slay Queens from making their move.  He also said that these other women do not possess anything special that his wife doesn’t already have, so he’s happy and content with her.

When Zion pointed out that he seldom see him wearing his wedding ring, he said he always has it on, even in movies and showed pictures on his phone to prove it.

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