“You Will See Them When You Open Your Eyes Well” Akuffo Addo Shades Critics Of 1D1F

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President Akuffo Addo has thrown some shade at people who do not believe that his administration has been able to put up the factories it promised the populace in his first term.

The president launched an initiative in his first term which was known as 1D1F. It was to provide a factory in each district of the country to avail jobs to the people.

However, there are some people who do not believe that the president has been able to deliver that promise.

In the president’s address on Tuesday, he told his critics to open their eyes well if they want to see the factories. This was after the minority had heckled him when he made mention of the project in his address.

It is believed so far that 232 of the said factories are nearing completion.

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